Professional & Business Services

Though the Professional and Business Services sector consists of a wide range of industries, providing specialist support to Organisations across the UK, print processes and requirements vary throughout.
In the true sense of the meaning, "time is money" and in many Organisations, a lot of time is spent on administrative tasks such as printing, photocopying and filing documents, resulting in a lack of productivity and an increase in costs.
Further to this, Organisations within these sectors regularly handle personal and confidential data so it is important that data is managed and stored securely. This is emphasised even more so through recent government enforcement's such as GDPR.
Failing to comply with such regulations can result in hefty penalties. Taking this into consideration many Organisations are exploring ways of reducing physical paper documents and moving to a digital way of working by storing electronic versions of documentation.
To help your Organisation improve its workflow processes, we provide a range of solutions that control print costs, reduce volumes and enable you to manage the document life-cylce within your Organisation to significantly improve environmental impact and document security.
Managed Print Solutions
We recognise that whilst there is a shift towards digitisation, printing remains a key process. Our Managed Print Solutions feature the supply of best in class devices and a Maintenance Support Package including onsite engineer support and an automated cartridge replenishment service. Based on an Organisations current print volumes, the introduction of new devices and Maintenance Support Package, our Managed Print Solutions average savings of 20% against previous spend.
Print Management Software Solutions
Print Management Software gives you control of your Organisations print environment and contributes to further savings through features such as rules-based printing - the ability to write your own print rules and "Follow Me Printing" whereby documents can be collected from any networked MFD in the Organisation once a user has authenticated at a device.
Document Workflow Solutions
Document Workflow Solutions encompass the whole life-cycle of a document from output and capture through to tracking, management and storage. We supply DocuWare, a leading Document Workflows software that integrates seamlessly, has easy to use administrative tools and allows anyone in your Organisation to access documents safely and securely when and wherever they are. Other features include multiple file, email and folders import and intelligent, fulltext indexing ensuring error-free data input and allowing customisable searches.