Multifunctional Devices & Printers

Multi-functional Devices, commonly known as MFDs or in some cases MFPs (Multi-functional Printers) have printing, copying and scanning capabilities as standard and in some cases have additional features such as faxing and emailing. They differ to printers because they have multiple functions, whereas a printer only has a single function, print.
Benefits of MFDs include:
Financial Savings - Whilst the cost of an MFD is slightly more than a printer as the name states it offers multiple functions. Instead of purchasing three separate devices which will equate to more than one MFD, your Organisation can purchase an MFD to fulfil all requirements. 
Power Savings - MFDs require only one power cable. This not only reduces congestion, but it also reduces the amount of electricity needed to run the device. Power savings lead to increased cost savings and a lower carbon footprint
Space Saving - MFDs save considerable space. Rather than having to find a place for a printer, scanner, and fax machine, you can have all those capabilities in one machine in one space. 
Choosing the right device for your Organisation
Apex Workflows Managed Print Solutions are designed with your Organisations print requirements at the forefront. We take the time to understand volume of prints and copies, the types of documents that are printed and the challenges your Organisation encounters around print. We use this information to design a solution that is tailored specifically to your needs, recommending the right devices to fulfil these.
MFDs vary in shape and size to cater for different Organisations requirements. Whilst MFDs are typically considered to be large A3 freestanding devices with multiple trays (typically A4 & A3), there are smaller A4 desktop alternatives. 
If your Organisation requires more than just printing capabilities such as copying, scanning and booklet or staple finishing then an MFD is the suitable device, however if you only print and don't need any additional capabilities a printer will be sufficient.