Managed Print Solutions

The way in which a Managed Print Solution is defined, differs across suppliers and manufacturers, however we define a Managed Print Solution as "a solution to manage your printing requirements with the aim of saving money and improving efficiencies".
At Apex Workflows we take the time to understand your requirements and design bespoke solutions to fulfil these. We use best in class printing devices and provide a Maintenance Support Package to accompany meaning you don't have to worry about sourcing cartridges and repairing devices. 
How Does a Managed Print Solution work?
Whether you have one device or multiple, one office or multiple, we have a solution for you. See our step-by-step guide of how a Managed Print Solution works:
Step 1
We work with you and your organisations stakeholders to understand your print requirements. We conduct Print Audits to gather data on print volumes, types of documents printed, number of devices, model types, and manufacturers.
Step 2
Based on the conversations, assessment and data gathered we design the most cost effective and efficient solution incorporating the best devices and / or software to fulfil your requirements along with a clear breakdown of the costs involved.
Step 3
Once you have approved our solution and recommendations, we work with you to design an installation project plan. We source all devices and software from our trusted suppliers and will deliver and install these on the agreed date.
Step 4
And relax! Following a successful installation of devices and software, we are able to manage your printing requirements for you, so you can focus on what you do best. When cartridges in devices are running low, we receive a notification to ship out a replacement and should a device require an engineer to attend site to fix or replace a part, we will organise this for you.
Step 5
At the end of each quarter we send you an invoice with a breakdown of costs for the volumes of prints and copies for the period. Costs are calculated by multiplying the "cost per copies" (cost per monochrome / colour print / copy) by the volume.






What are the benefits of a Managed Print Solution to my Organisation?
COST SAVINGS - On average our solutions save Organisations 20% against current spend. This figure is based on the same volume of prints and copies as current, the introduction of a new device(s) and the introduction of the Maintenance Support Package. Your Orgainsation can expect to achieve even further savings when introducing Print Management Software or a Document Workflow Solution.
CLARITY & CONTROL - Our solutions give you clarity on spend and usage, helping your Organisation to budget as well as the ability to control your print environment and introduce policies where necessary.
CONVENIENCE - Our solutions allow you and your IT team to focus on other projects whilst we manage your print requirements. We supply cartridges on an automated replenishment system and provide nationwide onsite and remote engineer support should you require it.
ELIMINATE WASTAGE - Our solutions eliminate paper and cartridge wastage. Our intuitive monitoring systems know when to send replacement cartridges, meaning you can use all useful life of current cartridges with the assurance that you have a replacement ready.