Often guests are attracted to hotels, spas and other venues due to factors such as the price, the luxurious environment, entertainment and customer service. Others guests may be on business trips or stopping over on the way to a meeting.

Either way, whilst guests enjoy themselves and make the most of the facilities, staff are busy working behind the scenes ensuring business runs smoothly. Often within this work are lots of administrative tasks including printing, copying and filing of documents.

We recognise that the hospitality sector is very competitive and that Organisations need to have the best processes in place in order to offer the best customer experience and facilities to attract new, and retain existing customers.


We are able to help you through our portfolio of solutions which incorporate the best products and software to fulfil your print related requirements.

The starting point of any of our solution design is a Print Audit. Print Audits help us gather important data such as number of devices, printing costs, user requirements, layout of the estate and to identify any areas where functionality or processes could be improved.

Typically Organisations within the Hospitality sector are spread over multiple buildings and departments meaning that a centralised photocopier solution may not necessarily be the best fit. 


The front of house is a high volume print area with documentation printed upon guest arrival and departure so it is important that the staff can rely on robust and fast printers. For the back office, additional functionality such as copying and scanning is often required and typically high quality internal documents are produced here. Within our portfolio of products we supply Multi-functional Devices and printers that differ in specification and footprint to accommodate for different work environments and requirements.


Supplying both Multi-functional Devices and printers means that we can fulfil all your print requirements and manage your whole print estate. We take you away from the burden of managing your print estate and purchase of ad hoc consumables by introducing your Organisation to our Maintenance Support Package which includes onsite engineer support and an automated cartridge replenishment system - features that are paid for through a cost per copy billing method.

Guest Printing


We can provide secure printing solutions for your guests through mobile solutions or by linking their door entry cards or fobs to a device located in a public area. Either way, guests can print from the comfort of their own room with the assurance that the document won't be released until they have authenticated at the device. Such service could be included as part of a package or possibly used by you as a revenue stream for yourselves.


Document Workflow Solutions

Further to the management of your print estate, we also can add value through our Document Workflow Solutions. Document Workflow Solutions go beyond the point of output to encompass the whole document life-cycle including capture, management, tracking and storage. We supply DocuWare, a leading document management software package which has easy to use administrative tools and allows anyone in your Organisation to access documents safely and securely when and wherever they are. DocuWare greatly improves document security and reduces your Organisations environmental impact and costs.


Document Workflow Solutions should be a key consideration for any Organisation particularly in the Hospitality sector where confidential and financial data is handled on a regular basis.

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