Home Office Managed Print Solutions


In the wake of COVID-19 offices once full with staff have seen capacity plummet with Organisations closing the workplace or operating on a skeleton staff basis.

Though the workplace may not be how we once knew it to be, business remains open with many people carrying on with their jobs by working from home.

Printing still remains prevalent and although it is likely that volumes will reduce in the workplace, research suggests that the volume of printing at home will increase.

We know that cartridges for home printers are often very expensive so to help you control and keep you on top of home printing costs we provide Home Office Managed Print Solutions. Included in our solutions are the supply of compact, small footprint printers from our portfolio of Multifunctional Devices & Printers, and a Maintenance Support Package featuring engineer support if required and an automated cartridge replenishment system whereby new cartridges are sent to the home user when current levels are running low.

The devices that we supply can either be purchased, or leased through one of our trusted finance partners. Cartridges are paid for through our "cost per copy" billing model whereby you pay a cost per monochrome and colour print / copy. At the end of each quarter we send you an invoice breakdown of the costs which are calculated by multiplying the volume of prints / copies by the respective cost per copies.

Our Home Office Managed Print Solutions can save Organisations in the region of 30% against purchasing cartridges ad hoc and include the benefits of new devices and a Maintenance Support Package to accompany.

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