Green Printing

Though costs, service and device specification remain key drivers for Organisations when choosing a new technology, environmental impact is an equally important consideration, too.
Using Our Partners portfolio of devices, which have features such as low energy consumption, high cartridge yields, fast duplex printing, copying and scanning and less packaging for consumables, we are able to help your Organisation strive towards reducing it's environmental impact.
Further reductions of environmental impact can be achieved through the various software solutions that we supply. Key features of our software solutions include:
Rules-based printing - reduce cartridge consumption and at the same time costs by defaulting users to print in monochrome not colour. Or introduce user "budgets" to control costs and print volumes.
"Follow Me Printing" - collect print jobs from any networked MFD in your organisation. Simply authenticate at the device using either a PIN Code, card or fob, and select the document you require. Follow Me Printing prevents duplication and unnecessary printing and costs.
Monitor Cartridge Levels - ensure that current cartridges in the device have consumed all cartridge capacity before replacing. Data provided shows remaining % and an yield estimate of existing cartridges.
Pop Ups - remind users to consider the environment before they print the document. Do they really need to print the document? Does the document that they want to print really need to be in colour?
Track Printing - monitor usage and paper consumption across all the whole of your Organisation, per office, department or user.