Although the UK has over 32,000 schools, we recognise that print requirements differ per school depending on factors such as size, capacity, budget, campus layout and sector.
We also know that a lot of schools overpay for printing and copying, money which we strongly believe that should be spent on the pupils and learning resources.
Our aim is to design solutions that save your school money but don't devalue the service provided, reduce wastage, improve environmental impact and tighten up document security.
Whilst most print suppliers focus their attentions on the standard "one fits all" solution of removing and reducing the number of devices as the core way to save you money, we take the time to understand your requirements and look into to all possibilities of cost savings. It is all well and good consolidating fifty devices to ten to save money but what if some of the removed devices were critical to a user / department and now they have to spend time walking to a centralised photocopier thus reducing their productivity, which in turn might result in costing more? 
To design the best solution for your school, we start by conducting a Print Audit to gather key information about your print environment in terms of related costs, volumes, requirements, campus layout and recommend areas where processes could be improved. 
Data from the Print Audit helps us to design the most effective fit solution for your school, incorporating the best and suitable devices and software to fulfil your requirements, manage costs and staff satisfaction. 
On average our print solutions save schools in the region of 20% against current spend. This cost is based on equivalent volume of prints and copies plus the introduction of new devices and the benefit of a Maintenance Support Package.
There are two main costs to acknowledge when entering into a Managed Print Solution agreement - equipment and service. Equipment which encompasses devices and software can be purchased or leased. Leasing is the most common way of financing equipment as it enables you to spread the cost over the term of the agreement, typically three or five years, making payments quarterly.
Service costs refer to printing costs. When printing on the devices there are costs for colour and monochrome documents - commonly known as "cost per copies". At the end of each quarter we provide you with an invoice breakdown highlighting the volume of prints and copies multiplied by the respective cost per copies. Factored into the cost per copies is a Maintenance Support Package which accompanies all devices provided and includes nationwide, onsite and remote engineer support and an automated cartridge replenishment system.
Features of a Managed Print Solution
We supply leading Print Management Software, Papercut. Papercut provides key management information around print costs and volumes and gives you the ability to write your own print policies to further reduce costs. Papercut has easy to use administrative tools with a dashboard to accompany. Further features include "Follow Me Printing", giving you the ability to authenticate and collect print jobs from any networked MFD on campus, and can seamlessly link into your door entry systems, integrating with PIN codes and cards.
Gathers data on your print environment including, costs, volumes, campus layout and staff requirements
We have access to the widest portfolio of printing products in our industry so whether you need standard print, copy and scan functionality or further capabilities such as booklet finishing and stapling, we supply the devices.
Having suitable devices and software is half of a Managed Print Solution, the other half is having a reliable service and support package for those occasional times a device or software breaks down. Regardless of the solution, our nationwide Maintenance Support Package includes onsite and remote engineer support with rapid response times and an automated cartridge replenishment service which remotely monitors cartridge levels, sending out replacements when current thresholds are triggered.

Beyond Print


In addition to Print Solutions, we also supply Document Workflow Solutions. 


Whereas Print Management Software controls the output of the document from the moment "Print" is clicked to the the moment the document is "Printed", Document Workflow Solutions encompass the whole document life-cycle from output through to storage. Document Workflow Solutions enables you to scan directly into the Schools Information Management System (SIMS) from our MFDs. This results in streamlined tasks, increased productivity and efficiency all of which reduce your administrative costs.

Whether its devices and/or software you require, Contact Us today to discuss our solutions for your school.