When signing up to a Managed Print Solutions agreement it is important to understand the costs involved. There are typically two different types of costs; Equipment and Service.
Equipment (hardware and/or software) can be financed one of two ways: leasing or purchase.
Leasing of equipment is done so through our panel of trusted finance partners. We work with a number of finance providers, each of whom have differing offerings and we use whoever are best suited to the requirements of the client. Leasing equipment is the preferred choice for Organisations as payments can be spread over the term of an agreement typically three or five years with payments made quarterly.
In contrast, purchasing equipment requires full payment once all equipment has been installed.
Service costs refer to the monthly or quarterly costs to be paid for the usage of prints and copies, known as "cost per copies" within that period. Across the fleet of devices that we supply are cost per copies per monochrome and colour print and copies which vary depending on the model and specification. The higher the specification of a device, the cheaper the cost per copies. At the end of each period, typically per quarter, we provide you with a breakdown of costs which is calculated by the respective cost per copies multiplied by the volume of prints and copies.
Factored into the cost per copies are the features of the Maintenance Support Package.