Organisations that have printing requirements and enter into a Managed Print Solution want exactly what has been sold to them, a solution that manages their print requirements at the costs agreed enabling them to focus on what they do best.
Though factors such as environmental impact and security are considered when selecting a Managed Print Solution supplier, ultimately cost is the key driver. However what may be seen as a good deal, may in fact be punishing if an Organisation doesn't understand the full extent of its liability, the terms and conditions of the contract.
Depending on the size of an Organisation and it's printing requirements, the process from the design through to the installation of a Managed Print Solution can take several months. During this period of time, often a relationship is built between the customer and supplier. However in some instances, it is the relationship and subsequently the trust that has been built when some suppliers take advantage of by signing the Organisation into a agreement that turns out to be very different to the expectations and understanding of the customer.
Our consultancy service includes an examination of the device and specification to understand if it matches the description sold to you. Our service also includes an examination of copier agreements to understand liability, terms & conditions. We offer assistance with re-negotiation or methods that best suit early termination if required. Though on the front of things early termination may not seem possible, it is. We use or expertise and experience along with our trusted panel of finance providers to settle such contracts which in some instances can result in savings of hundreds or even thousands of pounds.
To ensure that our customers experience the service and costs they are promised, we have transparent, friendly and trustworthy service agreements so they can expect the highest levels of customer service without any nasty surprises.
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